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New releases!

I’m very pleased to announce that our first two titles are now on sale!

First up is ‘Snack Yourself Slim‘ by Richard J. Warburg and Tessa Lorant, a fascinating look at an alternative approach to healthy eating and weight loss. Taking the idea of snacking and grazing to its logical conclusion and advocating eating more, smaller, meals when you’re hungry it’s an in-depth look at a whole different way of thinking about food. Certainly worth £2.99 of anyone’s money if you’re interested in changing your eating habits and losing some weight!

Snack Yourself Slim cover

Snack Yourself Slim‘ is currently available on Amazon Kindle (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Snack-Yourself-Slim-ebook/dp/B007JCUMKU/) and ePUB on FirstyFish (http://www.firstyfish.com/ebooks/14384/Snack-Yourself-Slim/sm). More sites to come soon…

In a completely different vein we have ‘The Owl Tree: And The Ballad of the Owl Tree‘ by Roy James Moss. This is a fantasy tale told as an epic poem and is all the better for it. To keep the story going while still telling all in verse is hugely impressive and keeps you thoroughly immersed. Beautiful illustrations also add to the beguiling atmosphere, of which the cover is a worthy addition.

The Owl Tree cover

Aimed at younger readers but with plenty to keep any age group entertained, ‘The Owl Tree: And The Ballad of the Owl Tree‘ is available on Amazon Kindle (http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Owl-Tree-Ballad-ebook/dp/B007K81B76/) and ePUB on FirstyFish (http://www.firstyfish.com/ebooks/14385/The-Owl-Tree-And-The-Ballad-of-the-Owl-Tree/sm) for £2.99.

More to come soon!



Evening all.

So, today is the day. It took a bit longer than I’d hoped (the fact that I’m also needing to earn a living through my other freelance projects kept getting in the way!) but SelfSelfSelf is go!

We will hopefully be rapidly expanding over the next few months, as more distributors and authors come on board; the more we can promote each other the quicker progress we can all make. I will try and keep this blog updated more regularly in future, not only with developments at SelfSelfSelf, but with information about the wider world of eBooks in general.

For example, today I’ve been playing with the new Amazon KindleGen software. This is a command-line run piece of software; I suddenly feel like I’m 13 again having to use MS-DOS in order to play Wolfenstein 3D! (geek reference…). But I’ve got to get to grips with this stuff.

I’ll also post about new authors and new titles (I have our first published title on the way very soon), as well as possibly more general tech things. But then, nerds do rule the world these days…

I look forward to receiving your writings.