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The Busker…

As some of you may know, in addition to running SelfSelfSelf (and many other things) I also worked on What the Dickens? Magazine, designing the whole thing and writing my column on all things eBook-related. So when the mag went through a few changes and decided to put out an eBook of the latest stories and poems they’d received, I was the one they called!


And so here it is! A collection of twenty short stories, poems and flash fiction, it’s well worth a read and is available on Amazon Kindle now:

(other stores coming soon…)


Phill Gee and ‘Dirty Squatters’

Our latest release comes from former punk drummer and squatter in 1980s London, Phill Gee. Telling the true story of his experiences squatting and surviving in Margaret Thatcher’s Britain, it’s a fascinating insight into the hardships some people experienced during that time, and yet still tells the tale of a vibrant London community.

Especially timely given her recent passing (although I hasten to add this was written and subsequently published by us well before recent events), it’s a vital document of an era that even now is beginning to slip from memory and should not be forgotten.

Dirty Squatters cover


Phill is now living in California, USA and you can hear him talking about his book with a New York radio station here (skip to about 15 mins in).

‘Dirty Squatters’ is available NOW on Amazon Kindle ( and various other sites in ePUB format.


Evening all.

So, today is the day. It took a bit longer than I’d hoped (the fact that I’m also needing to earn a living through my other freelance projects kept getting in the way!) but SelfSelfSelf is go!

We will hopefully be rapidly expanding over the next few months, as more distributors and authors come on board; the more we can promote each other the quicker progress we can all make. I will try and keep this blog updated more regularly in future, not only with developments at SelfSelfSelf, but with information about the wider world of eBooks in general.

For example, today I’ve been playing with the new Amazon KindleGen software. This is a command-line run piece of software; I suddenly feel like I’m 13 again having to use MS-DOS in order to play Wolfenstein 3D! (geek reference…). But I’ve got to get to grips with this stuff.

I’ll also post about new authors and new titles (I have our first published title on the way very soon), as well as possibly more general tech things. But then, nerds do rule the world these days…

I look forward to receiving your writings.