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Evening all.

So, today is the day. It took a bit longer than I’d hoped (the fact that I’m also needing to earn a living through my other freelance projects kept getting in the way!) but SelfSelfSelf is go!

We will hopefully be rapidly expanding over the next few months, as more distributors and authors come on board; the more we can promote each other the quicker progress we can all make. I will try and keep this blog updated more regularly in future, not only with developments at SelfSelfSelf, but with information about the wider world of eBooks in general.

For example, today I’ve been playing with the new Amazon KindleGen software. This is a command-line run piece of software; I suddenly feel like I’m 13 again having to use MS-DOS in order to play Wolfenstein 3D! (geek reference…). But I’ve got to get to grips with this stuff.

I’ll also post about new authors and new titles (I have our first published title on the way very soon), as well as possibly more general tech things. But then, nerds do rule the world these days…

I look forward to receiving your writings.


Welcome to SelfSelfSelf!

Hello there!

SelfSelfSelf is a new digital publishing service for writers who want to get their work converted and distributed as eBooks around the world. With no upfront fee, we will convert your words into the major eBook formats (mobi, ePUB, PDF) and upload them to all the major eBook stores. There will be those you have heard of – Amazon Kindle, Apple iBookstore, Waterstone’s and so on – along with many others you may be less familiar with but who are equally excellent.

Sign-up to the service will also include ISBN allocation and a free generic cover design if you don’t have your own (if you do of course then all the better!). All writers will keep 80% of net sales with, as mentioned, no upfront fee for the service. This gives you, the writer, an easy way to get your work online quickly and to the widest audience possible.

There are no restrictions on genre and we won’t be rejecting anything. We believe that the market itself will find the best work and it will sell. Of course we will be promoting our new books and authors on this blog as well as Twitter and Facebook, but any additional promotion you can pull off as the writer will benefit everybody!

We are in soft launch mode at the moment, hence why this is just essentially the blog, but the full launch of all services will begin in December 2011. Our website with full details will be up very soon but if this sounds like something that would interest you, by all means get in touch now at the address below and I can give you further details. I look forward to hearing from you 🙂