Phill Gee and ‘Dirty Squatters’

Our latest release comes from former punk drummer and squatter in 1980s London, Phill Gee. Telling the true story of his experiences squatting and surviving in Margaret Thatcher’s Britain, it’s a fascinating insight into the hardships some people experienced during that time, and yet still tells the tale of a vibrant London community.

Especially timely given her recent passing (although I hasten to add this was written and subsequently published by us well before recent events), it’s a vital document of an era that even now is beginning to slip from memory and should not be forgotten.

Dirty Squatters cover


Phill is now living in California, USA and you can hear him talking about his book with a New York radio station here (skip to about 15 mins in).

‘Dirty Squatters’ is available NOW on Amazon Kindle ( and various other sites in ePUB format.


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