New releases – Ainee Beland

I’m very pleased to announce the publication of two books by an author new to SelfSelfSelf, Ainee Beland. Ainee is based in Massachusetts, USA.

The first title is ‘Of Things Past; Nostalgia‘, a fascinating collection of non-fiction poetry, prose and other writings intended to get “readers to remember fondly by books’ end that which has passed.” Switching into French towards the end adds another wholly different dynamic to the tales within.

Of Things Past: Nostalgia‘ is currently available on Amazon Kindle ( and ePUB on FirstyFish ( for £2.99.

Also out by Ainee is ‘The Bolshevik Club‘, an historical fiction tale of Dovima and her extraordinary life. Starting out in Russia and moving by story’s end to the United States, it tells a interesting tale of an ordinary woman and the upheaval around her. Underpinned by real history, it’s definitely worth investigating.

The Bolshevik Club‘ is also available from Amazon Kindle ( and ePUB on FirstyFish ( for £2.99.

More titles coming very soon! Thanks for stopping by.


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